SolarPACES 2023

Paper Publication: How to Avoid Common Errors

Dear authors,

Before you upload your papers, please be sure that the following formatting issues are taken into account:

1. The header should be filled in:

  • Conference name: full name of the conference including information on the edition
  • Session Title: " Category of the paper according to the program"

2. All important elements should be present:

  • Header above the title of the paper
  • Data availability statement
  • Author contributions
  • Competing interests

3. Following formatting issues need to be checked:

  • Indents
  • Spacing
  • Justification

4. Following non-text elements should be numbered, centered (use the same font type for all of them):

  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Equations

5. List of references should be formatted taking into account:

  • No reference linking;
  • Correct numbering
  • No italics/bold/etc font
  • Where necessary date of access and/or DOIs are provided

Click here to download the template file: 

Word Template File

NB! Papers which are not formatted according to the template will not be accepted by the publisher.

Published with TIB Open Publishing

The SolarPACES 2023 conference proceedings will be published with TIB Open Publishing in an open access conference proceedings series, covering papers with sufficient scientific quality. TIB Open Publishing is a new service of TIB, “Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology University Library” in Hanover in Germany, the world’s largest specialist library for technology and natural sciences.

TIB-OP's open-access policy means that authors retain copyright and all content can be reused unrestrictedly according to CC-BY 4.0. Indexation of the proceedings is expected in Google Scholar, the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (part of Web of Science), Scopus (Elsevier) and other important scientific databases world-wide. 

Publication with TIB-OP provides optimum visibility of the proceedings and papers and will ensure that the authors' publications remain traceable and citable. Published papers will be freely accessible on the TIB-OP website and contain an ISSN number for each volume as well as individual DOI numbers for each paper.