SolarPACES 2024

Chairperson's Invitation for SolarPACES 2024

Dear colleagues,

I am honored and pleased to invite you to the 30th edition of the SolarPACES Conference, to be held October 8-11, 2024 in Rome, Italy.

According to the International Energy Agency, the annual renewable capacity additions marked a step change in 2023 and are expected to steadily increase over the next years. Until 2030, each year solar PV and on-shore wind will make up for nearly 95 % of the renewable electricity capacity additions; therefore, the availability of dispatchable renewable energy technologies and cost-effective energy storage systems will become crucial. Furthermore, the decarbonization of the industrial and transport sectors will require solutions for the supply of renewable high-temperature process heat and production of sustainable fuels. Concentrating solar thermal technologies possess all the features to respond to these challenges and be a key element for the transition to sustainable and resilient energy systems.

The SolarPACES Conference, as the world’s reference event for the concentrating solar thermal community, is the perfect forum for research, industry and policy makers to connect and exchange ideas, build networks and lay the groundwork for new projects. With your active contribution, also this year, we will make another step to improve the technological and economic performance of CST technologies and foster their further deployment.

I am delighted that Italy will host the first SolarPACES conference in Europe after over a decade.  Our country boasts one of the highest solar resources in Europe and has a long and sound track record of excellent research in the CST field, from the pioneering work of Giovanni Francia in the 1960s, to the development of the first demo plant using molten salts as heat transfer liquid and storage medium in a parabolic trough system in 2010. A first innovative small-scale commercial plant has recently become operational and a second one nears completion; however, new dedicated support policies are required to accelerate the deployment rate. I believe the conference, with its prestigious audience, will stimulate enthusiasm for CST technologies and deliver a powerful message to policy makers.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Rome to discuss the results of your outstanding research and the news about commercial projects and market opportunities. October is traditionally one of the best months to visit the “eternal city” and I am sure that its beautiful landscapes, world-unique cultural heritage and delicious food will create a perfect frame for a fruitful conference and contribute to make your experience even more memorable.

See you in Rome!

Luca Turchetti,
ENEA – Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development


Picture of Luca Turchetti, SolarPACES 2024 Chairperson