SolarPACES 2024

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Gold Sponsor

Bingsheng Chemical

Bingsheng Chemical, a global manufacturing company, has been at the forefront of developing thermal storage products for a wide range of applications since 2000. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, Bingsheng Chemical offers a diverse range of renewable energy solutions, including high and low-temperature energy storage. 

Gold Sponsor

Brembana & Rolle

Brembana & Rolle designs, engineers and fabricates high pressure equipment & package systems for Process & Chemical Industry, Conventional, Nuclear & Solar Power Generation and Waste Energy Recovery. Proprietary technologies are available for Hydrogen service, Thermal Storage and Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) & Power (CSP).

Silver Sponsor

Magaldi Power

Founded in 1929, Magaldi boasts nearly a century of engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise in conveyor solutions for challenging industrial applications. Over the years, the Company has grown and expanded its reach up to the renewable energy market, developing groundbreaking technologies for thermal energy storage that support global energy transition and decarbonization.



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