SolarPACES 2022 Proceedings and Reviewing Procedure

The SolarPACES 2022 conference proceedings will be published with TIB Open Publishing in an open access conference proceedings series, covering papers with sufficient scientific quality. TIB Open Publishing is a new service of TIB, “Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology University Library” in Hanover in Germany, the world’s largest specialist library for technology and natural sciences.

TIB-OP's open-access policy means that authors retain copyright and all content can be reused unrestrictedly according to CC-BY 4.0. The proceedings will or should be indexed in Google Scholar, the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (part of Web of Science), Scopus (Elsevier) and other important scientific databases world-wide. 

Publication with TIB-OP provides optimum visibility of the proceedings and papers and will ensure that the authors' publications remain traceable and citable. Published papers will be freely accessible on the TIB-OP website and contain an ISSN number for each volume as well as individual DOI numbers for each paper. 

Only those authors whose abstracts have been accepted for an oral presentation or a poster will be eligible to submit full-length papers of their accepted abstracts. Please note that authors of oral presentations are expected to submit a full paper. Acceptance of the abstract does not guarantee acceptance of the paper for the proceedings. The full-length papers must be prepared following the guidelines and template of the publisher in order to be considered for review.

The submitted papers will be subject to a scientific peer-review process and will, at a minimum, be based on the review criteria below. Based on the peer-review process, the papers may be sent back to the authors for corrections/modifications to address the reviewers’ comments before a final decision is made or may be rejected without further consideration. Only those manuscripts that are accepted for publication will be published in the TIB proceedings.

Please note that the paper has to be presented at the conference to be considered for a publication.

Full Paper Reviewing Guidelines

All submitted papers for the proceedings will be reviewed according to the following guidelines:


  • Originality: The measure of the creativity or inventiveness of the author, including new concepts, techniques, and methods.
  • Significance: The importance or worth of the reported work.
  • Completeness: The oneness or wholeness of the work. In this usage, the reported work should be marked by a unity and continuity of parts and show interdependence between these parts.
  • Acknowledgment: The adequate and accurate use of references to attribute the work of others.
  • Organization: The careful planning and logical structure of the manuscript.
  • Clarity: The correctness of English spelling and grammar, as well as the clear presentation of tables, graphs, and illustrations.
  • Formatting: The adherence to the full paper template. Papers that do not meet the requirements of the template will not be accepted by the publishing house and cannot be published.