Australian Visa

All those who travel on business or as a tourist to Australia from Germany and other EU as well as many non-EU countries will need to apply for the Australian visa.


We would recommend applying the eVisitor type of visa (subcategory 651, „take part in a conference, trade fair or seminar“). This visa is issued for 12 months and gives the travellers the opportunity to visit Australia as many times as it is necessary and stay in Australia for 3 months in total at the longest. You can apply for this category of visa online and the visa is free of charge. Applicants will receive a notification as soon as their visa is issued. The information about crossing of the borders will be recorded electronically. Further information can be found in English and in German.


In order to apply to this category of visa, please click here.


You can also try the visa finder.


Please note that it takes of up to one month to get an Australian visa (more about processing times) so we recommend applying for the visa as soon as possible.