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SolarPaces2019 - Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Instructions for Poster Presentations

The upload deadline for posters is September 18, 2020.

The 2020 SolarPACES Poster exhibition will be organized online using a dedicated platform for this purpose. Registered poster authors will receive individual access data to prepare their poster. A poster may be prepared and presented as a classic poster format and uploaded to the platform as PDF or using various text and graphic elements to present the poster content. Furthermore, authors will be allowed to prepare and upload as part of the poster a short (maximum 3 minutes) video showing and explaining the main message of their poster. Ideally, this video is prepared as a recorded power point presentation converted to an mp4 file (similar process as requested for oral presentations, see below).

Conference attendees will be able to view the e-posters on their computer screen or smartphone. A text-chat function is part of the system that allows to discuss the content of each poster. Posters will be available online not only during the conference, but for at least one month after the conference.

Have a look at a first example of the SolarPACES poster exhibition room 2020 at the following link:


A more general overview of different poster presentation formats from other conferences can be found at:


A manual /guideline for poster authors is available at:


Instructions for videos:

  • We strongly recommend using Power Point to record your speech. You may record your poster file or some ppt slides together with audio explanations. Optional, you may additionally use your webcam and film yourself in the lower-right corner of your presentation. Please find an office tutorial here.
  • If you are more familiar with another tool to record the video, you are of course welcome to use this to create the MP4 file.


For questions regarding the SolarPACES 2020 poster exhibition please write to:


Please note that we canĀ“t give individual assistance for poster preparation, the extensive guideline mentioned above should give enough information for this purpose.



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